At the Vet

For Shelter  and Veterinary Professionals

Basset Hound Check-Up

Presentations and Workshops for Veterinary Professionals

Let Me Help You Create Fear Free Vet Visits for You and Your Patients

As a trainer, veterinary technician, low stress handling and Fear Free certified professional, I can help provide you with the tools to help your patients become less fearful in your clinic. It's very important for our patients to receive adequate medical care, but if stress is preventing both your patients and clients from going to the vet regularly, then maybe we need a change in strategy. Let me show you ways to accomplish this while at the same time creating a safe environment for you, your clients, your patients and your staff. Costs: 
2 - hour workshop for staff is $170,
2 - day workshop (weekend for several hours each day) is $500
Presentation/ educational talk (1 - hour) $85

Animal Shelter

Consulting for Shelters

Behavior, Effective Training and Enrichment

Lets talk about the shape of enrichment. Learn low cost ways to help enrich the lives of all shelter animals in your facility. Let us help you train your staff on behavior, how animals communicate and "red flag" behaviors.  We can help you and your staff with handling anxious patients, administering treatments in a low-stress manner, and teach your staff training techniques to help increase adoption rates.