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Private Training and  Consultations

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Behavior Consultation

Behavior consultations are for any pet exhibiting signs of anxiety or aggression. We look at behavior problems differently because we know animals who suffer from anxiety or aggression are not coping well. We work closely with each one of our clients and their pets to implement a problem-solving plan to help our patients find alternative coping strategies. We are here to guide and help you throughout the process. First-time consultations are $350 for two hours. Depending on the issue, the first consult may be performed remotely.

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Training Consultation

Not all animals benefit from a class setting. Some do better with a little one-on-one. Private sessions are a wonderful way to help your animal learn in a controlled setting and succeed. We offer private training sessions not just for dogs and cats but for other species as well. Costs: Initial training consults are $187.50 for 90 min. Private training sessions are for clients who need help creating successful training plans for loose leash walking, obedience, and minor behavioral issues such as jumping up on guests. These sessions are not for dogs that need help with anxiety or aggression.


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Puppy Training Consultation 

Puppies require a lot of work and attention. We can help you with house rules, house training, socialization, and getting started on training as soon as possible. See our new puppy training package as well! costs are $187.50 for the introductory session followed by 1- hour sessions or 30-minutes sessions. Check out our handout section for useful information on puppy training and how to prepare your home for your puppy before they arrive!

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Remote Training Consultation 

Yes, it's completely possible to perform training sessions remotely. This service is dependent on many factors, but the initial 90 min consultation may be performed in-person, and follow-up sessions performed remotely. This is a great option for someone who needs help with basic training issues like loose leash walking, jumping up, and other common behavior issues that are not anxiety related. This is also a great option if potential clients that live outside of my service area. The cost is the same as a regular in-person training consultation. 

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Drop-Off Training Consultation 

Drop off training sessions are a safe, convenient alternative to in-person private sessions. We come, pick up your pet, train them for 1-hour or 30 minutes (depending on their training plan) and then drop them off when we're done. We'll keep you updated on what we were able to accomplish during our session and where we are in the training plan. Initial consultation is $187.50 for 90 min, then follow up sessions can be scheduled at your leisure (prices vary).

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Puppy Socialization Outings

Want to socialize your puppy but you're not sure how to do it in a safe, proactive way? We can help! We can pick up your puppy and we can take them on a socialization outing. We will safely introduce your puppy to new sights, sounds, and people that will help them become well-adjusted individuals. We may also be able to schedule puppy play dates to help them have positive experiences with other pups while still following the recommendations of the CDC as well as veterinary professionals, so everyone is safe and has a good time. It is so important to help your puppy build confidence during this very important time in their life and it's equally important to make sure they have fun while being introduced to new experiences. Contact us for cost and for more info.


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Dog Walking

Have a busy lifestyle and you can't seem to fit in time to exercise your pet? Utilizing us to fit in time around your busy schedule is a convenient way to ensure that your pet gets the physical stimulation they need. Our trained professionals will also work on training methods to help with loose leash walking. We charge $55 dollars for a 1-hour walking session.

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